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About Me

My name is Julia Victoria Barajas-Moriarty. Long name right? Well, I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA but I moved to Minnesota for about 9 years. How did I get there? I'll give you the short version. I moved to the cold tundra from sunny Cali in 2012 to finish school. I received my Bachelor's in Business Administration from Winona State University. Somewhere along my college journey I met this guy they now call my husband. AHHH!!! Yeah, I know. We lived near the twin cities, and are now back in sunny California with our rescue dog Scully, and baby boy. I am a new mom and absolutely loving every minute of it. My family is my number one priority. 

I realized a year after graduating college that I was going to make my small business owning dreams come true. My husband supported me and I had no reason not to just jump in. So here I am. Owning my own organizing business. I Absolutely Love It! You have no idea. I love organizing. I love to declutter and I love to donate things I no longer need. It makes me feel so refreshed every time I declutter and organize a space. My favorite part is helping others reach that goal of having the perfect laundry room, or perfect master closet. I can help you, and trust me when I say I Love Doing It!!! I can't wait to meet all you future organizing clients. We can do this! I promise to make it as enjoyable as possible :-)

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